An health care team or network consists of a group of various health care providers who work together to support or improve the health of patients.  Primary health care (PHC) includes a spectrum of services aimed at the promotion of health, the prevention of illness, and the management of chronic conditions. The delivery of primary health care in interdisciplinary teams/networks contributes to the goals of care comprehensiveness, coordination, continuity, and quality, and also supports patient-centered care models.

Team effectiveness is influenced by context. Teams are more effective when they jointly set goals, have clear processes for communication and conflict resolution, and clear processes for patient care. What is less clear is how team effectiveness is influenced by funding models, team member remuneration schemes, and governance structures.

We explore the following questions:

  • How are interdisciplinary health care  teams in Canada organized?
  • How are interdisciplinary health care teams in Canada funded?
  • How are team members of interdisciplinary health care teams remunerated?
  • Which funding and remuneration models best support primary health care goals?
  • Which governance structures best support primary health care goals?

Why the website?

Our goal is to network with others interested in optimally structuring and supporting interdisciplinary primary care teams.

This website is a hub for exploring and promoting research on IDPC teams by our Canadian based researchers and partnering policy-makers, led by Dr. Dominika Wranik, School of Public Administration at  Dalhousie University. The purpose of this website is to engage those interested in IDPC teams to join our conversation and share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

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Currently our primary focus is on the Canadian context, but we would also like to engage with those interested in studying or working in different countries in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ability to make useful comparisons.

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We understand the concept of interdisciplinarity to be broader than and inclusive of that of multidisciplinarity. An interdisciplinary team has a higher degree of integration of processes than a multidisciplinary team. We welcome your comments on this matter, as we are interested in academic and non-academic perspectives on the use of this terminology.