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Opportunity for Government and Academic Research Partnership

Health Care Team

We are interested in expanding our collaborations with  health care decision makers in Canada and other jurisdictions where health systems are funded publicly. If you would like to become involved in our research on team-based models of primary health care, please contact us. We know that teams have many advantages in terms of health services goals (e.g. comprehensiveness, coordination, continuity, quality). However, we do not know how best to support these teams via organizational structures (e.g. optimal models for remuneration or managerial governance).

We are also interested in expanding the research program to additional Canadian and other jurisdictions, where health systems are funded publicly. If you are a researcher who would like to join our research team, please contact us at

We are very interested in hearing about what research within these topics would be meaningful for those working within the public sector and how we could form research teams to apply for grants together on these topics. If you are interested in potentially forming a research partnership please leave a detailed message in the comments or email

We understand the concept of interdisciplinarity to be broader than and inclusive of that of multidisciplinarity. An interdisciplinary team has a higher degree of integration of processes than a multidisciplinary team. We welcome your comments on this matter, as we are interested in academic and non-academic perspectives on the use of this terminology.