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In addition to news and media articles related to health care teams that we disseminate through Twitter, we also have an archive of articles here on our Media Archives page that we've collected for policy-makers and researchers interested in this topic.

Related Research

March, 2020

Interdisciplinary Approach to Care

Levers for integrating social work into primary healthcare networks in Austria

Improving Interdisciplinary Communication Using a Group Work Program Software Application

February, 2020

Boundary spanners: Negotiating connections across primary care and domestic violence and abuse services

The Enabling Role for Technology in the Support of Care Coordination in Health Care

School Nursing and Primary Care: The New Frontline?

January, 2020

A Closer Examination of the Patient Experience in the Ambulatory Space

“My pharmacist”: Creating and maintaining relationship between physicians and pharmacists in primary care settings

Clinical Training Innovation for Prelicensure Graduate Nursing Students to Expand Roles in Primary Care

December, 2019

Exploring the utility of the Nursing Role Effectiveness Model in evaluating nursing contributions in primary health care: A scoping review

Coordinating primary care services: A case of policy layering

Primary care reform in Manitoba, Canada, 2011–15: Balancing accountability and acceptability

November, 2019

What makes team communication effective: a qualitative analysis of interprofessional primary care team members’ perspectives

Redesigning primary care in the safety net: A qualitative analysis of team-based care implementation

Models of Primary Care and Appraisal Frameworks

October, 2019

Collaborative Emergency Centres: Improving Access to Primary and Emergency Care in Rural Nova Scotia

Innovative Collaborative Practice to Optimize Pharmacotherapy for Frail Older Patients

A home for interprofessional medical education at Dalhousie

September, 2019

Anatomy and Physiology of Primary Care Teams

Skill mix in Swiss primary care group practices - a nationwide online survey

Relationship among team dynamics, care coordination and perception of safety culture in primary care

August, 2019

Advancing Healthcare Leadership: Physicians as Agents of Change

Does enrollment in multidisciplinary team-based primary care practice improve adherence to guideline-recommended processes of care? Quebec’s Family Medicine Groups, 2002–2010

Task Delegation and Burnout Trade-offs Among Primary Care Providers and Nurses in Veterans Affairs Patient Aligned Care Teams (VA PACTs)

July, 2019

The impact of team-based primary care on health care services utilization and costs: Quebec’s family medicine groups

Physician and Pharmacist Medication Decision-Making in the Time of Electronic Health Records: Mixed-Methods Study.

Multi-professional teamwork in human 

June, 2019

Providing primary care using an interprofessional collaborative practice model: What clinicians have learned

Promoting cross-jurisdictional primary health care research: developing a set of common indicators across 12 community-based primary health care teams in Canada

What can organizations do to improve family physicians’ interprofessional collaboration

May, 2019

Common predictors of nurse-reported quality of care and patient safety

Analytical typology of multiprofessional primary care models

Who is on the primary care team? Professionals' perceptions of the conceptualization of teams and the underlying factors: a mixed-methods study

April, 2019

Creating and Sustaining Care Teams in Primary Care: Perspectives From Innovative Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Incorporating integrative healthcare into interprofessional education: What do primary care training programs need?

Everyone Leads

March, 2019

Building teams in primary care: A practical guide

"Still learning and evolving in our approaches": patient and stakeholder engagement among Canadian community-based primary health care researchers

Interprofessional education in a student clinic: Curricular integration of a model workflow for medical, pharmacy, social work and undergraduate learners

February, 2019

Characteristics of physicians and patients who join team-based primary care practices: Evidence from Quebec's Family Medicine Groups

Redesigning primary care in the safety net: A qualitative analysis of team-based care implementation

Understanding Implementation of Complex Interventions in Primary Care Teams

January, 2019

Unfulfilled potential of primary care in Europe

Empowering frontline providers to deliver universal primary healthcare using the Practical Approach to Care Kit

Primary care networks and team effectiveness: the case of a large-scale quality improvement disparity reduction program

December, 2018

Development of a Customizable Programme for Improving Interprofessional Team Meetings: An Action Research Approach

Interprofessional primary care team meetings: a qualitative approach comparing observations with personal opinions

Expanding the role of clinical pharmacists on interdisciplinary primary care teams for chronic pain and opioid management

November, 2018

Conflict on interprofessional primary health care teams – can it be resolved?

Examining Primary Healthcare Performance through a Triple Aim Lens

The time for primary care teams has arrived: Research is on the way

October, 2018

Practitioner perspectives from seven health professional groups on core competencies in the context of chronic care

Part 2 – primary health care workforce policy intricacies: multidisciplinary team* case analysis

Primary care team working in Ireland: a qualitative exploration of team members’ experiences in a new primary care service

September, 2018

Interprofessional collaboration and integration as experienced by social workers in health care

Collaborating in the context of co-location: a grounded theory study

Contextual levers for team-based primary care: lessons from reform interventions in five jurisdictions in three countries

August, 2018

Staff perceptions of community health centre team function in Ontario

People and Teams Matter in Organizational Change: Professionals' and Managers' Experiences of Changing Governance and Incentives in Primary Care

Using a conflict conceptual framework to describe challenges to coordinated patient care from the physicians' and pharmacists' perspective

July, 2018

Reablement teams’ roles: a qualitative study of interdisciplinary teams’ experiences

Physician experiences with clinical pharmacists in primary care teams

Interprofessional teamwork in comprehensive primary healthcare services: Findings from a mixed methods study

June, 2018

Disruptive Models in Primary Care: Caring for High-Needs, High-Cost Populations

Primary Care Practice Transformation and the Rise of Consumerism 

Interprofessional collaboration regarding patients' care plans in primary care: a focus group study into influential factors.

May, 2018

Assessing quality of care through client satisfaction at an interprofessional student-run free clinic

Implementation of a gerontology nurse specialist role in primary health care: Health professional and older adult perspectives 

Pediatric residency training and behavioral health: Context, roles, and advocacy for social workers

April, 2018

Perceived factors influencing hospital-based primary care clinic referrals to community health medical nutrition therapy: An exploratory study

Are nurses well placed as care co-ordinators in primary care and what is needed to develop their role: a rapid review? 

Understanding integrated mental health care in “real-world” primary care settings: What matters to health care providers and clients for evaluation and improvement?

March, 2018

Views from the field: Medical student experiences and perceptions of interprofessional learning and collaboration in rural settings

Essential Elements of a Collaborative Mental Health Training Program for Primary Care

'Gearing Up' to improve interprofessional collaboration in primary care: a systematic review and conceptual framework.

February, 2018

Professionals learning together with patients: An exploratory study of a collaborative learning Fellowship programme for healthcare improvement 

Reinventing Primary Care: Embracing Change, Preserving Relationships

The relationship between team climate and interprofessional collaboration: Preliminary results of a mixed methods study.

January, 2018

Collaborative peer review process as an informal interprofessional learning tool: Findings from an exploratory study

The Inherent Challenges of Using Large Data Sets in Healthcare Research: Experiences of an Interdisciplinary Team

Identifying collaborative care teams through electronic medical record utilization patterns

December, 2017

Investigating student perceptions at an interprofessional student-run free clinic serving marginalised populations

Coordination of care within primary health care and with other sectors: A systematic review

Managing Chronic Pain in Primary Care: It Really Does Take a Village

November, 2017

General practitioners' and primary care nurses' care for people with disabilities: quality of communication and awareness of supportive services

Service description and analysis for an interprofessional discharge clinic within a primary care practice

An evaluation of an interprofessional practice-based learning environment using student reflections

October, 2017

Hospitalizations for primary care sensitive conditions: association with socioeconomic status and quality of family health teams in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

.Improving Chronic Pain Care and Opioid Safety in VA Primary Care: Implementation and Evaluation of the Integrated Pain Team Clinic

Teaching Collaborative Care in Primary Care Settings for Psychiatry Residents

September, 2017

Development and validation of a questionnaire to self-assess the quality of interprofessional team meetings in primary and community healthcare

The COMPASS initiative: description of a nationwide collaborative approach to the care of patients with depression and diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease

Formative evaluation of practice changes for managing depression within a Shared Care model in primary care

August, 2017

Collaborative Care for Women With Depression: A Systematic Review

An Innovative Collaborative Model of Care for Undiagnosed Complex Medical Conditions

Closing the False Divide: Sustainable Approaches to Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Care

July, 2017

A collaborative care team to integrate behavioral health care and treatment of poorly-controlled type 2 diabetes in an urban safety net primary care clinic

Understanding the drivers of interprofessional collaborative practice among HIV primary care providers and case managers in HIV care programmes

Collaborative mental health care for pediatric behavior disorders in primary care: Does it reduce mental health care costs?

June, 2017

Changing student attitudes through interaction: Findings from an interprofessional workshop

Graduates’ development of interprofessional practice capability during their early socialisation into professional roles

A formative evaluation of a nurse practitioner-led interprofessional geriatric outpatient clinic

May, 2017

A case study of healthcare providers’ goals during interprofessional rounds

An exploration of nurse-physician perceptions of collaborative behaviour

Pulling together and pulling apart: influences of convergence and divergence on distributed healthcare teams

April, 2017

Framework development for the assessment of interprofessional teamwork in mental health settings

Learning by viewing versus learning by doing: A comparative study of observer and participant experiences during an interprofessional simulation training

Improving nurse-physician teamwork through interprofessional bedside rounding

March, 2017

How do we develop health educators for the future using an interprofessional approach?

The Interprofessional Collaborative Competency Attainment Survey (ICCAS): A replication validation study

Attributes of innovations and approaches to scalability – lessons from a national program to extend the scope of practice of health professionals

February, 2017

Anchoring interprofessional education in undergraduate curricula: The Heidelberg story 

The Prato Statement on cost and value in professional and interprofessional education 

Interprofessional teamwork innovations for primary health care practices and practitioners: evidence from a comparison of reform in three countries 


January, 2017

Evaluation of interprofessional relational coordination and patients’ perception of care in outpatient oncology teams

Sustainable interprofessional teamwork needs a team-friendly healthcare system: Experiences from a collaborative Dutch programme

Facebook as a tool for communication, collaboration, and informal knowledge exchange among members of a multisite family health team

December, 2016

Every team needs a coach: Training for interprofessional clinical placements

Improving nurse-physician teamwork through interprofessional bedside rounding

Improving Primary Health Care Through Collaboration

November, 2016

Faculty development to support interprofessional education in healthcare professions: A realist synthesis

Interprofessional team management in pediatric critical care: some challenges and possible solutions

Enhancing the Primary Care Team to Provide Redesigned Care: The Roles of Practice Facilitators and Care Managers

October, 2016

Advancing interprofessional patient safety education for medical, nursing, and pharmacy learners during clinical rotations

Educating future leaders in patient safety

Primary care emergency team training in situ means learning in real context

September, 2016

Standing on the Precipice: Evaluating Final-Year Physiotherapy Students' Perspectives of Their Curriculum as Preparation for Primary Health Care Practice

Predictive Factors of Effects of an Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Intervention in Primary Healthcare: A Correlational Analysis

Interprofessional teamwork and team interventions in chronic care: A systematic review

August, 2016

Self-reported patient psychosocial needs in integrated primary health care: A role for social work in interdisciplinary teams

Supporting an Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team with a Multi-Agent System

Implementation of an Interdisciplinary, Team-Based Complex Care Support Health Care Model at an Academic Medical Center: Impact on Health Care Utilization and Quality of Life

July, 2016

Advanced Practice Clinicians and Physicians in Primary Care: Still More Questions than Answers

Nurse practitioners, canaries in the mine of primary care reform

Using Semantic Components to Represent Dynamics of an Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team in a Multi-Agent Decision Support System

June, 2016

Processes of patient-centred care in Family Health Teams: a qualitative study

Realizing potential: improving interdisciplinary professional/paraprofessional health care teams in Canada's northern aboriginal communities through education

What fosters or prevents interprofessional teamworking in primary and community care? A literature review

May, 2016

Realizing potential: improving interdisciplinary professional/paraprofessional health care teams in Canada's northern aboriginal communities through education

Some historical notes on interdisciplinary and interprofessional education and practice in health care in the USA

Academic administrators' attitudes towards interprofessional education in Canadian schools of health professional education

April, 2016

What Do We Know about Health Care Team Effectiveness? A Review of the Literature

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams: Ready or Not?

Interdisciplinary collaboration within Quebec community health care centres

March, 2016

Family Practice/Primary Health Care Nurses in Nova Scotia

Evaluation of an interprofessional continuing professional development initiative in primary health care

Logic models in primary care reform: navigating the evaluation

February, 2016

Primary Health Care in Canada: Systems in Motion

Cost effectiveness and outcomes of a nurse practitioner–paramedic–family physician model of care: the Long and Brier Islands study

Interprofessional education for students of the health professions: The “Seamless Care” model

January, 2016

The determinants of successful collaboration: A review of theoretical and empirical studies

Family practice/Primary health care nurses in Nova Scotia

Defining the Role of Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in Rural Nova Scotia

December, 2015

Collaborative practice in health systems change: the Nova Scotia experience with the Strengthening Primary Care Initiative.

Effective interprofessional teams: “Contact is not enough” to build a team

More than the sum of its parts? A qualitative research synthesis on multi-disciplinary primary care teams

November, 2015

Interdisciplinary education and teamwork: a long and winding road

Collaborative health care teams in Canada and the USA: Confronting the structural embeddedness of medical dominance

A long time coming: primary healthcare renewal in Canada

October, 2015

Influence of a quality improvement learning collaborative program on team functioning in primary healthcare.                                                                             

Models of primary care for frail patients                         

Skill mix, roles and remuneration in the primary care workforce: Who are the healthcare professionals in the primary care teams across the world?

September, 2015

Collaborative Emergency Centres: Improving Access to Primary and Emergency Care in Rural Nova Scotia

Innovative Collaborative Practice to Optimize Pharmacotherapy for Frail Older Patients

A home for interprofessional medical education at Dalhousie

August, 2015

Measuring Teamwork in Primary Care: Triangulation of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Is Team-Based Primary Care Associated with Less Access Problems and Self-Reported Unmet Need in Canada?

From “retailers” to health care providers: Transforming the role of community pharmacists in chronic disease management

July, 2015

Interprofessional Collaboration: Co-workers' Perceptions of Adding Nurse Practitioners to Primary Care Teams

A process-based framework to guide nurse practitioners integration into primary healthcare teams: results from a logic analysis

Use of electronic dietary assessment tools in primary care: an interdisciplinary perspective

June, 2015

Physical activity as medicine among family health teams: an environmental scan of physical activity services in an interdisciplinary primary care setting.

Impact of a quality improvement program on primary healthcare in Canada: A mixed-method evaluation.

An integrative review of facilitators and the barriers influencing collaboration and teamwork between general practitioners and nurses working in general practice.

May, 2015

Interprofessional Primary Health Care (IPC) Collaboration, Family Health Teams (FHTs) in Ontario

Physician Integrated Network: A Second look physiotherapists within primary health care teams: perspectives of family physicians and nurse practitioners

Interprofessional Collaboration in Ontario’s Family Health Teams: A Review of the Literature

The evolving role of nurses in primary care medical settings



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We understand the concept of interdisciplinarity to be broader than and inclusive of that of multidisciplinarity. An interdisciplinary team has a higher degree of integration of processes than a multidisciplinary team. We welcome your comments on this matter, as we are interested in academic and non-academic perspectives on the use of this terminology.