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Funding and Renumeration of IDPC Teams in Canada: A Framework and Typology (CIHR Study)

Contractual Arrangements and Remuneration Methods for IDPC Teams (AH Report 1)

The Compensation and Management of IDPC Teams in Alberta (AH Report 2)


October 2015 - Presentation, Qualitative Health Research Conference, Toronto

October 2014 - Research Roundtable, Day 2 Presentation

October 2014 - Research Roundtable, Day 1 Presentation

March  2014 - Presentation hosted by Nova Scotia Federal Council. Remuneration and Governance in Primary Health Care

July 2014 - Presentation Hosted by the International Health Economics Association. Framework of Payment Methods

Data Collection - Complete

1. Qualitative interviews with directors or managers of PHC teams/networks.

2. Short surveys with members of interdisciplinary PHC teams/networks.

Ethics Approval

As of April 2013, we have received ethics approval from the following review boards:

- Capital Health District Health Authority (NS)
- Pictou County District Health Authority (NS)
- South Shore District Health Authority (NS)
- Colchester East Hants District Health Authority (NS)
- Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (NS)
- Alberta Health (AB)
- University of Manitoba (MB)

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